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Fellow Lions,

As we are nearing the end of a century of Service and the start of a new century dawns upon us; the new dynamics and unfolding challenges of our present require us to reflect on the famous saying of Melvin Jones:

“It is not given to a great many men in the ordinary conduct of their lives to exercise Leadership within a group, yet every member of a Lions Club has this opportunity”

I was once asked by a young Lion about my definition of Leadership and its relation to Lions Clubs International; I replied the following:

“If Leadership is not a game of egos, but the opportunity to serve others,

If Leadership means taking responsibility and engaging in a lifelong commitment,

If Leadership means service, loyalty and support,

If Leadership means taking action,

Then Leadership is an Art and Lions Clubs International is its school.

That is the spirit of Lions, the essence of Leadership.”

Fellow Lions, I believe that the true Lions Clubs International offer equal opportunity for everyone to prove themselves as Able and Capable of Leading. If A World of Experience and equally important An Experience of The World are important tools to lead our Association that is diversified yet united, then I am ready to offer this experience. I am a World Lion through my visits to 92 countries, 28 International Conventions since 1988, 63 Area Forums, about 60 regional conferences, and hundreds of District Conventions, Meetings and Celebrations.

Lionism teaches us to work alongside people, not behind them and not ahead of them; it teaches us to favor cooperation and teamwork over solitary ambition. Lions are artists of action, service and commitment.

I pledge that we will continue to achieve success and we will strive to establish our organization as an integral force and key player in the international community. We will persist in our endeavor to show the world that where this is a need, there is a Lion to respond to it.

Fellow Lions, Success is Preparation meeting Opportunity, and I count on your vital support to offer me this Opportunity.

The dream has been drawn, the preparation has been implemented, and it’s now time to achieve.

Lion Salim

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