On Service

It was then that the service Club came into its own and took its place as one of the most powerful influence for good in the moral, spiritual and civic life of every community. What a wonderful record of achievement – removing handicaps from the pathway of childhood, preventing blindness, giving hope and encouragement to the sightless, contributing money where financial aid was needed, planting trees, reading action, and, best of all giving themselves, their time, energy and enthusiasm, and that personal touch which not only glorifies the gift but ennobles and exalts the giver, striving in a practical way to make the next generation stronger, better and finer than the present one.

People are coming to realize more and more clearly the fact that the acquisition of money, political prestige or social distinction, does not of itself make people happy or successful.

Wealth and social or political preferment are splendid things only when they are used to bring happiness to others and to make the world a better place in which to live.

Success rounded upon service for others is the only success worth mentioning.

Lions, the most devastating of all human qualities is selfishness. I has blighted more hopes, ruined more lives and destroyed more nations than all the wars of history. Babylon, Carthage, Rome and Greece failed because of their inability to conquer self. Self-seeking has been the order of the day throughout all awareness, and selfishness has been rampant in every sphere of human activity.

To the extend that Lions have cultivated forgetfulness of self – that rarest of all human qualities – and have not only talked about, but have put into practice the elimination of selfishness – to that extend, have we achieved success and made our organization a living, vital force.


Salim Moussan
Past International Director

planting trees, reading action,

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