On Harmony

A Lions Club is exactly like a family. When Harmony prevails, the family is happy and so are the clubs, then the district then the association. Imagine the thousands of cultures, languages, and religions.  How it would be possible to maintain this strength of 1.35 million Lions with no Harmony ? Impossible!

Harmony is the most important factor to prepare for the challenges and the obstacles that face us in the third millennium.

At a certain convention I attended, the District Governor Slogan for his year was ‘Be active, Be creative’.  It is very beautiful and much better if we add ‘Be positive’.

Unfortunately, the human being is reminded constantly of the negative factors stored in his or her 12 billion brain cells.  Our mind is like a field and the thoughts are like seeds, you plant positive thoughts, you get positive crop.

Go back to basics, but accept new ideas and new changes, be positive.

To have a successful club you must have a program to follow, interesting meetings, membership growth and successful public relations.  At the District level these vital factors are to be supported in addition to the Leo club movement. The Leos are the key and the vision of our future and we shall spare no effort to encourage, guide and support them the best way we can.


Salim Moussan
Past International Director

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